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Stephanie is a Certified Life Coach with a passion to help women understand their relationship with food, their body and their mind. Her background in counseling and years of working with clients, combined with studying nutrition(due to her own struggles with weight) and the brain science behind human behavior, have all led to YOUR HEALTH REWIRED, and her intention of getting this information into as many hands as she can and to begin changing lives.

Do you struggle with binge eating, food addiction, chronic dieting, feel out of control around food? Do you notice you often eat when you aren’t hungry? What about a desire to be perfect, to people please and put others emotional wellbeing in front of your own?

Do you have an intention, set goals or have DREAMS but seem to fall short of reaching them, therefore find yourself feeling discouraged, hopeless and tired? You are NOT alone!

Food is often our SOLUTION for many of life’s uncomfortable moments or triggers. We are not always aware that we use food to avoid pain, fear, stress, boredom, loneliness etc…. What if we could FEEL and experience our LIFE without giving in to the instant gratification of our brain trying to keep us safe? We don’t have an overeating problem, we have an under-feeling problem.

Stephanie’s clients are guided to a place where food no longer controls them, where they discover and find peace with their body and they no longer need to “eat” or avoid emotions. Her journey creates space to “FEEL” feelings, so that there is no longer a need to resist them, welcoming them rather than avoiding them. Clients are guided through a 4 step process of “rewiring their mind” through examining how the brain likes to tell a complicated story about circumstances in our lives, but a circumstance is neutral until we have a THOUGHT about it. These thoughts are pre-programed, unconscious and we often believe they are true and part of us. What if thoughts were optional? What if we could examine our thoughts and beliefs and DECIDE if it actually served us? Why this is so important is because our thoughts generate our feelings. Our feelings determine what action we take or don’t take and lead to the results we see in our life.

Stephanie wants to help you become confident, free of self-judgment and embrace the truth of you are – messy, imperfect and fabulous! If this resonates with you…. call Stephanie at 760-685-3436

I offer a FREE Discovery call! :).  Can’t wait to meet you!
Faith-based Intervention Available!
References available upon request!

Your Health Rewired, Certified Life Coach