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Roohi K. Darugar, CRPC


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Roohi’s passion is helping individuals, families and businesses achieve their financial goals by providing them with advice on Investments, Tax Planning, Retirement, Estate Planning, Inter-generational Wealth Transfer, and Educational Savings, and more.

Through a personalized financial process, Roohi works to uncover and prioritize her clients’ goals while providing them with strategies to help reach financial success. Adding value to each client, with a particular focus on tax-wise investment strategies and solutions, is her main objective. At the core of her financial experience is creating for each client a plan of action that brings him or her financial confidence. She attributes her success to her ability to educate clients, clarify and prioritize their financial goals, implement a course of action, and provide them with a consistent and timely ongoing service.

Roohi loves hanging out with her husband and three boys, watching independent films, going to the theater, camping at amazing State and National Parks, and participating in breast cancer awareness activities.

CA Insurance Lic# OC48365