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My life’s journey into energy healing began when a practice of self-hypnosis backfired and instead of leading me toward freedom led me into a total world collapse.  Where it took me was down the road less traveled.  I was unaware of how profoundly wounded I was until all of the unconscious wounds manifested all at once as chaos in my external world.

Fortunately, I had an instinctive understanding of energy and I recognized talk therapy stops at giving one better cognitive ability.  Cognitive ability I already had but I wanted freedom.  So I pursued energy psychology which unlike talk therapy has the capacity to truly heal.  I began taking various random energy healing trainings the best known of which is Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT and EMDR, but it was when I worked with a therapist who used Healing From the Body Level Up that I finally found a method that goes to the bedrock of intractable problems that other methods could not.

Recognizing the power of this method, I decided to get the HBLU training and certification so that I could bring this amazing level of healing to others.  Around the same time, I learned of Be Set Free Fast which goes just as deep but in a fraction of the time.  In an elegantly simple and streamlined manner, it directly locates and deletes faulty unconscious programming by deleting the lynchpin that holds issues and problems together.

The human brain operates just like a computer, and as we all know an improved operating system cannot be installed over a faulty one.  This explains why positive thinking so often fails or may even make matters worse, or as I experienced, hypnosis going wrong.

Today my primary go-to methods for energy psychology are BSFF and a spin-off called Set Yourself Free.  Set Yourself Free also includes positive reprogramming for optimal goal achievement.  These two methods handle 90% of what I encounter and occasionally I pull in an assortment of other methods as needed.

Given the mind-body connection, 80% of physical pain has emotional roots.  This means energy psychology is often the best treatment for common physical symptoms such as back pain or TMJ.
In turn, treating physical pain has led me to become a Centropix associate for cutting-edge patented biotechnology and electroceutical tools for bodily health and well-being.

Underlying all I do is my commitment to a serious Zen practice. I have been a lay monk for the past 15 years.  This training in Zen is integrated into all I do; meaning I address the entire person, body, mind, and spirit both on and off the meditation cushion.