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Nadia Geagea Pupa

Nadia is a skilled project manager, editor, writer, and designer in all areas of the publishing process. With her multidisciplinary approach to publishing, she believes that content and design are equally important—especially throughout the developmental process. As an editorial consultant, she can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses when helping to develop content for both corporate clients and self-published authors. With her background in journalism, she knows how to ask the right questions, find and fix weak areas of content, and help create content that anyone can understand.

She has experience working with high-profile subject matter experts who have opened her eyes to a larger world of knowledge, discovery, and research. Throughout Nadia’s career, she discovered the power of visual learning. By gaining graphic design skills, she developed a deeper understanding of page layout and strategic methods for displaying important information—for both digital and print projects. The designers and editors at Pique Publishing can truly develop content from beginning to end by creating a balance between content and design. They never turn down challenging, intricate, or complicated projects—they welcome them!

The types of projects include magazine management, facilitating editorial meetings, creating corporate boilerplate content and slide decks, textbooks, educational materials, annual reports, and various digital assets. For self-published authors, they conduct extensive book evaluations, book coaching sessions, developmental and copyediting, and all other graphic design and publishing-related services for both fiction and nonfiction.

When she’s not editing, designing, book coaching, hosting her podcast called “The Editor’s Half Hour” (, and everything in between, she enjoys spending time with her family and two little boys. Visit to learn more about the services she has to offer and to set up a consultation.