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Lori Brenckman


Lori Brenckman is a Professional Avatar Master/Wizard, facilitating Avatar Courses in the United States. While taking the Avatar Course herself in 1990, she had a profound experience of “waking up.” As a result, she decided, defined, and created a life purpose: to awaken and inspire others to contribute to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization, by bringing people to, and guiding them through, the 9-day Avatar® Course. She is part of a global network of beings who are committed to enlightening the world, one person at a time.

As an Avatar Master, Lori’s playful spirit, and warm, caring heart, make her a trusted guide on the Avatar path. Her own training as a Professional Avatar Master and Wizard over the span of 30 years has taught her the skills of listening without judgment, guiding without indoctrinating, and empowering herself right out of a job – as her Avatar students become self–sufficient leaders and Masters in their own right, contributing to the world by awakening others with these same tools.

Lori believes that with the consciousness tools of Avatar, there is no dream that can’t be created, and no limitation that can’t be handle. She knows, first hand, the experience of struggling in a relationship, having been married, divorced, and remarried, only to find herself repeating unhealthy patterns, causing stress, unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Fortunately, she discovered the existence of Avatar shortly into her 2nd marriage and used the Avatar tools to completely restructure her consciousness to integrate her lessons. Today, she and her husband are happily married for 35 years, having used the Avatar tools individually, as well as together, on their relationship. They’ve discovered a higher, broader, more expansive purpose for being together – working together to move this planet in a good direction, this lifetime.

Lori lives in Solana Beach, CA with her husband, partner and best friend, Rich. You’ll find her at the Farmer’s Market on Sundays, giving people the gift of Compassion (an exercise from the Avatar Course that creates more compassion in the world). When you meet her, be sure to ask her for 2 cards; one for yourself and one to pay forward.

Lori and Rich spend 2 weeks every month at their West Coast home, and 2 weeks in Orlando, FL – the home of Star’s Edge International, the organization that oversees Avatar Trainings, world-wide. It’s a long commute, but they enjoy the travel and sweet homecomings to their precious kitties, Khaleesi and Magic and their newly adopted Border Collie, Bandit.

For the experience of a life-time and the most powerful tools for life, connect with Lori and ask how you can begin your own journey on the Avatar path. It will surprise and amaze you.

Lori Brenckman
Avatar Master since 1991