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Have you ever found yourself stuck on a situation, challenge or problem in your business? Have you ever had an idea percolating but just couldn’t seem to bring it to fruition? Are you looking at this inexplicable economy of recession/not-recession and thinking; why is my business slower this year? Is it me? Are others going through this too? What can I do?

Imagine having a core group of entrepreneurs in your life, who think like you and are going through similar challenges. What if you had access to a community that was structured intentionally for businesswomen to come together to bounce ideas around with, in a monthly mastermind group? How would that positively impact your business? Even more importantly – think about your mental health as an entrepreneur and how having successful entrepreneurs in your life that have gone through “it” before or who are going through “it” with you —- being there to encourage you differently because they KNOW your challenges firsthand!

Kara Horat is the founder of Connect For Success, an award-winning, unique mastermind community (NAWBO Woman Advocate of the Year 2017). Connect for Success exists to serve and support business women with a unique, signature mastermind concept coupled with mastermind retreats where entrepreneurs problem solve, expand ideas, create accountability, and act as a sounding board for one another; all with the goal to gain clarity, increase revenue and create the success they desire and deserve.

Connect For Success just celebrated 10-years, although Kara has been an entrepreneur for over 26 years. Kara’s got East-Coast roots and the work ethic to match, but living in SoCal for half her life, she definitely has a West Coast vibe!