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Her passion is empowering women, men and teens across the world by identifying what is holding them back, and reprogramming their old programs to more positive ones for supreme success.

People find their life’s purpose in a variety of ways… for her the battle was intense, but worth it.  From fracturing her skull and rebuilding her jaw to breaking her ankle in four places at the start of her divorce and the pandemic.  Her body and subconscious mind were trying to get her attention to re-direct her path.  Our spirit can use people, places and situations to get our attention. Her lessons were painful, yet effective.  Crystal had a plethora of health challenges, that she was able to overcome despite the negative prognosis from conventional medicine, relationships that needed upgrading and wanted to create financial success!

She vowed to break free from any shackles holding her mind, body and soul back, by releasing the hidden and unacknowledged blocked, trapped subconscious emotions she had stuffed within her body her entire life. Our subconscious mind is formed mostly during the first seven years of your life, because the brain is naturally in the Theta brainwave state.  There is so much healing to be had from our childhood that will benefit us now on a quantum level.

Crystal’s compassion as a coach and trainer comes with deep empathy and heart felt desire to see others turn their triggers into triumph!  The tools to reprogram the subconscious find are validated by some of the most credible neurological scientists around… the possibilities are endless.  We can all let go of the  past and embrace a new future with only the best possibilities, so we can achieve sustainable joy.  Imagine improving your health, enhancing your  relationships, removing your annoying triggers, and helping your business get to the next level all in one session!

It’s possible!



5 X Best Selling Author for Charity 

 Magdalene Rising, 

Jaguar Medicine, 

Isis – Mother of Magic

Magdalene Codes


San Diego Power Woman 2021 & 2022

Mrs. United Kingdom 2021

First Runner – Up Mrs. Europe Global 2021

Role Model of the Year 2022

United Nations Association Women’s Leadership Award 

P.O.W.E.R Woman of Empowerment 

Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Innovator of the Year Nominee 

PhD Candidate

*Proud single mom of two amazing teen boys Luke and Landon.*

Love you both! 🙂


Crystal created an innovative book and  online course both called, CRYSTAL CLEAR MINDSET, to help others achieve supreme success by gaining insight into and enhancing 12 fundamental aspects of consciousness that balance your life.  This elite scientific process serves to enhance your subconscious mind, so you can achieve your goals with clarity and supreme success one million times faster by activating your entire brain!  You can and will feel better by exploring her process, and all her books are available on her Amazon author page.

Clearly Crystal is making an impact in her community & would also like to make an impact in your life.

Master Your Mind & Conquer the World!