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Betse Bernstein HHP Is a Practitioner/Instructor of Thai Massage since 1993. Betse taught both in the US and while she was in Thailand. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner treating the whole person-Body, Mind, Spirit, and Emotions.

Betse’s background as an elementary school teacher has helped her greatly as a Thai Massage instructor.
Her love of teaching plus her passion for Thai Massage allows her students to learn from her with ease.
Having grown up in a medical family, dad a doctor, mom a nurse Betse wanted to be a healer.
When she found Thai Massage she found her true passion in life.

Therapeutic Thai Massage is an ancient modality that has been proven to be effective over the centuries.
What you will experience is a slow meditative rocking motion on the energy lines, similar to meridian and acupressure points.

Yoga stretches are used throughout the body stretching the muscles and opening the joints.
Thai Massage is done on a mat on the floor with the recipient fully clothed (yoga-type clothes)
Betse treats her moves as a dance with each step flowing into the next.
All through the stretches, she feels for areas that are the cause of discomfort or injuries.
By being present and experienced she can feel the tight muscles and nerves, she intuitively knows what is needed.
In finding Thai Massage Betse found her true passion in life. She has had a thriving practice for over 26 years.

What you will experience is increased Flexibility and Vitality, Rejuvenates and Energizes, Enhanced Immune system,
Promotes a Balanced Lifestyle and reduces Stress.
Specific Treatment for your Body Challenges and Pain including Low Back, Sciatica, Shoulder and Neck Issues and good for Arthritis.

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